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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Brighton Pub Licensee

So, can you tell what's missing? Told you this is like spot the difference! These stages firstly deliver detail into the top right corner finishing the bottles, then I put more detail onto the Leffe pump and glassware on the right before adding more detail on the actual portrait of John himself. I worked on after the natural light had gone from my studio so I may come back tomorrow and shriek! I already think he's looking a bit pink but another day and I should be able to finish it.


  1. Hi Kate - this is coming along beautifully! I beleive its the charity donation tub thats been snatched :)

  2. Well spotted!! Would you like me to send you the very naff prize of an old can of lager I found at the back of a cupboard, or do you have one of your own lurking somewhere? Thanks for watching ;)