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Friday, 26 February 2010

London Training Company Portraits

Four more stages of Raj. Now you really need to sharpen your powers of observation to spot the difference. I'm nearly finished and will only post the final stage when I'm happy with the tiniest details. There isn't much point posting any more until then. So for now, and in case you are staring at these four wondering what I've been playing at, let me explain: firstly I worked on balancing the skintone, then I added in more shadow and the finer details around the eyes, eyebrows and mouth. I thought I'd pretty much finished but when I came back to it the next day I decided the bags I'd given Raj under his eyes made him look too old. To rectify this I scumbled white into the shadows which made him look decidedly ill, so to rectify that I added yellow, red and brown to bring the skin back to body temperature. Phew! Nearly there.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

London Training Company Portraits

Okay so here are three more stages of Raj. It becomes more like a 'spot the difference' competition at this point in the process as the painting of layers are more subtle. Firstly I have added white highlights, red and pink. Great looking lipstick! Next I have added various yellow hues so he looks slightly jaundiced and filled in the blacks a bit more on his hair and shirt. In the last one I have done more work on his eyes and mouth, adding more definition and creating more realistic skin tone by using blue and purple (though I bet you can't tell where!). I'm over halfway now but the changes become even more subtle. Keep watching...

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Friday, 19 February 2010

London Training Company Portraits

Here's Raj, looking darker but still a lot of work to do. At this stage I reckon I'm just about halfway through the portrait. The first layers go on easy and everything takes shape quite nicely. Now comes the hard bit: I have to add different layered washes to the face to give the skin its translucent look. So Raj will have to look seasick, jaundiced, angry and cold before I'm finished with him! I'll have to keep adding in detail as I go along and teeth are the hardest to get right.

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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

London Training Company Portraits

Raj is coming along well too but is not as far along the road as Mike due to my cat pestering me for attention. I think it was because I was huddled closest to the radiator in my studio and he wanted some warmth too. I can't blame him but cat hairs and paint don't mix pleasantly!

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London Training Company Portraits

I have also been working on two new portraits for the rogues gallery at Mouse Training in Worship Street, London. These photos show how Mike is coming on.

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Pickle the Parrot

I have just celebrated my grandpa's 90th birthday with him but haven't done any more to his portrait. Instead I started and completed Pickle the parrot (actually he's a cockatiel but I like alliteration). Here he is partly done and finished!

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