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Friday, 19 March 2010

Brighton Pub Licensee

Four more stages of John Woodruff's portrait. By-the-way, this is a surprise birthday present for him, so if you are following this blog and you also know who John is, don't tell him!! Having worked around the top I started to paint the Leffe lager pump. There is a lot of detail in this portrait and I had to work up courage to start on the second layer with the gusto it needed. I decided to work on the top left corner and keep going at it until I was happy it was finished. This took hours of work over two days and may not look like I've made much of a difference but glass is one of the most difficult things to paint (that and water). Finally I was happy enough to move onto the easier (!) task of making John look more lifelike. Keep watching... next time an item will disappear from the painting. Answers on a postcard please... (one hugely naff prize to be won).

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