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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Jack Russell Border Terrier Cross

This little chap is called Junior, he's a jack russell border terrier cross and is very playful. I had a number of photos to choose from and his owner wanted me to include his favourite blue ball which he rests his paw on - cute! The sandy golden background was painted first on a box canvas size 16x20". When it was dry I sketched his shape. I did a number of sketches prior to this to get the composition to work. Next I blocked in the main areas of white and brown and got a bit carried away with the shading as I had some paints left on my palette from a previous commission so forgot to take photos of those stages. So here we are in the first picture with a floating dog! I set about painting a few shadows on his coat and also around him. Next, his eyes got the detail treatment and highlights and shadows were painted in. I used blue and purple on his white bits and warmer browns in the shadows. I also painted the edges of this box canvas dark brown which you can't see in the photo but kind of frames it.

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