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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Eddie the tabby-cat lives on

Eddie is now finished as I decided at the end to remove the fur you can see above his head and back, due to the angle the photo was taken, as it was distracting me. I hope you agree. His fur has an amazing array of colours ranging from terracotta oranges and bright yellows to earthy browns, greys and blues. Following on from the last blog, the painting moved from main blocks of colour to breaking up the blocks with different shades of brown applied with a short round bristle brush. I broke up the black stripes with cream, yellow and browns, then broke up the lights and whites with shades of umber and other dark browns. This process happened a number of times until I was happy with the density of the fur, making sure the markings were still true to the photograph. You can see on the second picture up how the dark markings on his head have almost completely disappeared by breaking up the blacks and in the next photo the darks have been painted back in. This process gives the fur depth and a sense of fluffiness. Finally attention was given to his eyes, nose and other details. His gorgeous white whiskers were painted and the canvas signed off. Magnificent!

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