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Thursday, 29 March 2012

70th Birthday Present

Following on from the last post and having made a solid tonal under-painting, I have started adding colour! I've had to make it up, starting with hair and skin tone and painting thin glazes of colour in layers so the structure of the shadows was not lost. I painted the dress a lovely cornflower blue, added extra shadows then applied a slightly thicker glaze to unite the shadows, but there's much more work yet to be done on the dress. Next I concentrated on the face and hair: I corrected the eyes which were slanting up a bit too much and introduced glazes of burnt sienna and raw umber to deepen the shadows. Her hair has many different shades of brown, red, blond, white and even pink! I added more browns, blues and white to the background to give it more depth and then when I was happy with it I was able to give her some more hair. Painting hair over the top of a background makes it look more natural, if you paint it the other way around the background doesn't look like it's disappearing behind and edges appear too harsh. The last thing I painted was her diamant√© necklace. I still need to finish her dress, hands and hair so keep watching!

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