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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

One Man and His Dog - Pastel Portrait

This is a Christmas commission painted in pastel. The size is A3 and I decided to work from a mid-tone brown as some of the background is to be be included. I sketched a detailed drawing onto Daler Rowney Ingres Pastel Paper as I decided the lines in the jumper and other details would be easier to draw with a pencil than with a pastel. However, working at this size, rather than blocking in with larger pastels, as I usually do, I filled in areas of tone with pastel pencils as the shapes are small to start with. I picked out a selection of greens, blues, creams and browns and blended each colour into the background with a cotton bud and the edge of my fingers so as not to move the colour around too much. I built up more detail and increased the opacity, building up the picture as a whole. The faces, hands and chain were particularly fiddly so pastel dust was dotted on with sharpened pastel pencils and in the latter stages, I blend using the pencil tip of a lighter colour before going back into the detail with darker colours. I'm nearly there, just another few hours tomorrow and it should be finished.... The top pic shows it finished!

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