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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Horse Portrait - Saffie

This is another Christmas portrait of a beautiful horse called 'Saffie'. There were a number of fabulous photos to choose from but I particularly liked the way we're being given the eye in this shot! The medium is acrylic on board size 18 x 24". I started by painting the whole background in a suggestion of outdoor natural colours but nothing too detailed or specific. After that layer had dried overnight I sketched the horse over the top. Next I painted in blocks of colours, quite thinly at first, as my plan was to make the back of the horse fade into the background whilst still looking solid. I put in areas of strong tonal value next to ensure the balance of the painting before filling in the mid tones. There are some lovely warm areas of burnt sienna on the muzzle and flank so I emphasised these and made sure the areas of shadow were dark enough. Finally I took my favourite sword liner brush and swept in those lovely fine hairs that make up the frizzy fringe, mane and whiskers. I took a very old small round, stippled in some fine dark and light lines to show the slightly longer hairs on the bridge of the nose and I'm thinking Saffie is complete.

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