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Monday, 12 November 2012

Dog Portrait of Nina

It's always lovely to be recommended and this latest commission has come off the back of the portrait of the two jack russells. This is Nina and I sketched her head on cream paper, size 6 x 9". I blocked in the warm browns and oranges first before adding in a little blue to the highlighted areas. Then I added solid black to the shadows and blended it the best I could with my finger. For the rest of the process I used the pastel pencil tips to blend the colours as my finger is bit of a blunt tool when working this small! I used blues and yellow in the highlights, smudging it with white and grey pencils, and I used a deep burgundy brown as well as black in the darker shadows. I decided not to take the picture right to the edge but to fade out the body so the emphasis stays on the face.

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