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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Family Portrait - Three Siblings

I have been working on the commission of three portraits (as well as a few others) and have been asked to put up a few more of the stages in between to show more of the process so here goes... Following on from the last entry, Nicola has undergone a radical transformation from eyeless and flat to pretty much finished: first I concentrated on painting more colour, this is built up in glazes of different colours of acrylic applied thinly and left to dry before the next glaze is applied. Then I looked at darkening the shadows and lightening the highlights to improve tonal values. This left the painting looking stark so warmer colours were introduced which gave Nicola a jaundiced/fake tan sort of look! In the top two pictures I paid attention to the shadows and highlights again, adding pinks, greens, blues and oranges to counteract the yellow and brighten the shadows. I put in more detail and layers into the hair and tweaked the shapes of her features as they had migrated a bit and her nose wasn't strong enough. A little more tweaking may be needed tomorrow when I have a fresh pair of eyes but she's nearly there. The next entries will be of her siblings but I won't include so many steps. I hope that helps!

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