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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Portrait of 3 Labradors in Pastel

The second layer of pastels has now been applied and I've included my workings on the puppy to illustrate the addition of reddy browns and purples onto the coat as well as bluey greys and blacks before I smudge it all together. I fix the drawing in between layers using an aerosol fixative. This enables me to add more pigment without scratching so much of it off again. I create mountains of dust when doing pastel work and I have to make sure I don't transfer any of it to different parts of the drawing. All three dogs get the same treatment, Ted has peach, orange and violet tones added to his coat. The top three pictures just illustrate how I work from left to right to further reduce chances of accidental smudging. The picture is fixed again ready for the top layers of detail.

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