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Friday, 15 April 2011

Lucan - Black Labrador Painting

A black Labrador named Lucan is the subject of my next commission. This regal looking dog is sadly now deceased but a collection of old photos helped me to sketch out some alternative ideas. In the end though I decided base the painting heavily on the most recent and clearest photo shown here. I am painting acrylic onto box canvas size 16 x 20" and am placing him in a grassy meadow. As I've mentioned before on my blog, black animals are the hardest for any photographer or artist to get right and not look dull so I've started off laying a base coat of ultramarine blue and browns so that when I add black and white later it won't look quite so 2-dimensional. I'm also thinking I might need to add more texture to the paint, which will also bring it to life a bit more.

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