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Monday, 9 March 2015

Jess (aka Squeaky!) - acrylic painting

The commission on my easel at the moment is of a cat called Jess, nicknamed 'Squeaky' for very obvious reasons when you see a video of her. The painting is a 12 x 16" acrylic on a box canvas to go alongside another commission I painted a few years ago of Eddie who had the same staff! Sadly, both cats are no longer around but I hope to capture their characters on canvas. The best photos of Jess were landscape rather than portrait but as the canvases are the same size they should work quite well on the wall together. I started by drawing the details I could see of Jess onto the canvas, making sure her head was a similar size to Eddie's. I then applied texture paste and let it dry overnight. Next I started to paint in the darkest areas and put cool greys and blues into the background and shadows. In order to tie the two portraits together I want to use the same colour as Eddie's eyes but apart from my photographic reference, I have no recollection of the exact colour mix. I experimented with various mixes of browns and oranges and worked them across the image and around the edges, then I painted the eyes and also used yellows in the coat and on the material. From then on I concentrated on the layers of the fur which have been made up of various glazes of burnt umber, yellow ochre, flesh tint, black, orange, lemon yellow and white. The painting is not yet finished but in the last stage of this post I added white to the fur and the material and I've started to paint the smaller details of her eyes. I have also played about with the tones in the background to make her head stand out and create depth. She's nearly there and the the final flourish will be her single white whisker which I will steal myself to do...

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