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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Little Tinca! Black lab portrait

This is Tinca - a very handsome black Labrador who is posing for a wedding gift commissioned by the parents of the groom. The size is A4 on cream Ingres Pastel Paper and after sketching the face in pencil I blocked out the highlights in white, the mid-tones in grey, brown and yellow ochre, and the shadows in black soft pastel. I focused on the eyes and when I was happy with the first layer I smudged it all together with more grey and black and in the second frame you can see I've also added blue to the right side of the face. In the next frame I added deep reds and browns to show a different reflective light source to the left side. I also noticed green on the underside of the muzzle which would be reflecting off the grass but decided not to include green. All the other colours of the spectrum are included though, being blended in so the dog doesn't look like a bright patchwork quilt! Finally Tinca's neck is drawn in, the shadows darkened and a few whiskers flicked in. I think she looks rather regal and certainly smart enough for a wedding ceremony.

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