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Friday, 20 April 2012

Another black Labrador portrait!

This is Dexter, a black lab/collie cross, needed as a surprise birthday gift. The client sent me three photos which they weren't very confident they could use as they've been trying to take pictures of Dexter without raising suspicion from the owner. They sent me three and this is the one I chose to work from. The others were useful as additional references like for the shape of the ears. First I sketched in the shadows with a black soft pastel and added some yellow ochre where I could see reflective highlights on the fur and in the eyes. Then I added blues and reds where I could see them. I smudged it all together to get rid of any cream paper showing through and added the colours again before blending it all together using a grey pastel. Browns, blues, yellows, purples and greys were added more accurately, spending a lot of time looking at the photos so I could correct the shape and shadows. I always work in the same direction as the fur grows. Lastly I used black to deepen the shadows and add texture and grey to add a couple of whiskers. I hope I've captured him!

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