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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Sailing Away Together

This commission came through the Ford Framing Shop in Arundel and was quite a challenge. The photograph supplied to work from was old and faded and lacked detail. The final piece is 19.75" x 10.75" so I had to paint the detail the best I could. I started by blocking out the main colours and shadows. The sea on the photograph was just two tone so I was able to paint in a more realistic choppy sea using other reference material, trail and error! I kept adding detail then knocking it back, I didn't want it to look abstract and painterly but it was so tricky to know if I was painting the subjects faces correctly. In the end I checked with the client who was happy with the likeness before adding sea spray with various sized brushes including a washing up brush. I've now got very white fingernails!

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