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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Repeat Custom

It's always a treat when a customer returns to commission another portrait and this one is to go alongside 'Magic' which I completed in 2012. Just one photo was sent, which was really good quality so I chose a piece of sand coloured 12 x 16" Murano pastel paper and got started. After drawing the outline I mapped in the lightest areas with a white pastel and chose a yellow ochre for the shadow areas. I smudged the colours together before selecting a dark brown for the shadows on the legs and smudged those together using a cream pastel pencil, before getting to work on the head using an assortment of brown sharpened pastel pencils. This was quite fiddly to get right but once I was happy I took the same reddy browns, greys and ochres and added them to the rest of the coat. At stages the dog looked almost shaggy so cream and white pencils were used to push the pastel and smooth it out. Finally, I grabbed a handful of greens, browns and yellows for the grass and tried to create a similar patch as I did for the previous portrait. I think they'll look great together!

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