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Friday, 4 May 2012

Macy and Tilly - two black labs


This is Macy and Tilly, an 18 x 24" commission I started a couple of months ago and keep adding to. Tilly, the dog on the left is no longer here but the portrait is to immortalise two well loved black Labradors on canvas. I placed Macy slightly forward but kept their feet in line which balanced the sizes of the two dogs. I started by painting a coloured ground and adding texture paste so they both look like ghosts at this stage! Next I quickly blocked in the basic shadows and bodies of both dogs so the customer had something to show his dad on his birthday. I grounded them with a soft watercolour-like grass which I quite liked. I worked on the dogs a bit more  but decided the background was looking a bit weak in comparison so added more washes which inevitably made the dogs look like they were shrouded in mist. I worked on Macy first as the photo has more clarity to pick out detail and painted blues, purples and browns into the coat as well as black, grey and white. More detail was added to the grass in the foreground before Tilly was brought of the mist! The light sources on each photo is slightly different so although I'm happy with Macy, I need to imagine a bit more detail for Tilly. Nearly there!

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